Spoon Butter

Well you learn something new everyday…Who would have thought that a bit of beeswax and some Mineral Oil would take care of what ails your wood…There are a couple of sites I used to get the recipe and they both are different but the same concept. The original post comes from 3191 Miles Apart and Food in Jars also made some.

Here is one WARNING Beeswax is as hard as a rock so do not go and think you can just cut I took my pound of Beeswax and put it into the microwave for one minutes at a time until it was soft enough to cut but not to soft to handle….Serious note I almost went out and got my husband Power Saw….

The first thing you need to do is take a quarter pound of Beeswax cut into cubes. In a large sauce pan of boiling water, place a quart canning jar with beeswax . melting the Beeswax takes about 15 minutes and you should stir it as it melts. Use a wooden spoon that spoon will be very happy….

Next place another quart canning jar with the 16 ounces of mineral oil in the water to gently heat. Just use two pots and keep the Mineral Oil on simmer till the wax has melted.

Poured the mineral oil in with the beeswax and allowed them to continue to heat for about 5 to 7 minutes gently stirring until smooth and even. Take your jar out of the water , allow to cool and it’s ready to use.

Another note use this sparingly. I will use some surgical gloves next time ..I use them for all the stuff I do in the kitchen it is a habit . But I had enough Spoon Butter to lather
myself , my hubby and half the neighborhood after doing the spoons….and getting it off well I ran hot hot hot water over them and nothing…..so a few hand towels later and it was off ….But my hands they look and feel like a baby’s but.

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Hello and welcome to Just Ma's cooking site. This is personal and there is no real dynamic to the style or choice of food we make. It is a one plate at a time site. I either will take from my past and or child hood memories. With help from my mom. I also have a pletheria of vintage as well as new cook books. I will hope to entertain you and get you cooking with no guilt of starch, butter, glucose or other new time problems. This is just down home cooking one cook to another. Please Email me with any question or request or hey mistakes I may have made. It all work in the kitchen. No ego here!
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